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5/18/20232 min read

It is an absolute must visit

Visiting Thailand twice in 2023, both times were not long enough at all. The people are my favourite. they are genuine, kind and patient and I always felt very well cared for in there presence. They are extremely hard workers and tourism is there bread and butter. Although I havn't ventured out to any temples yet, this time round I hit the markets, night markets and shopping malls

Photos from Asiatique the Riverfront

Shop Til You Drop

You will not be disappointed with the markets and malls in Thailand. Pictures below are from a big replica mall MBK Centre, this is the perfect place for high end replicas, bartering is big at this mall, but just remember you may be their only customer of the day, so they will start with a higher price. Some of my favourite places to visit were

Malls -MBK Centre, Terminal 21, Icon Siam,

Night Markets - Liab Duan Ram Inthra Market, Jodd Fairs Market

Asiatique the Riverfront